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Infertility Treatment

Infertility Treatment In Iran

With the remarkable development that Iran has achieved in treating infertility in the past years, it has become a wonderful destination for couples who suffer from problems of childbearing from all over the world. With more than 100 specialized centers where advanced infertility treatments are offered, Iran has dominated the forefront in the region in this specialty. We at Halal Medtor are ready to help you receive the most effective infertility treatments in Iran at the most reasonable rates.

Infertility Treatments

There are many ways to fulfil a dream. Together we will find the treatment that best suits your needs. All our assisted reproduction treatments and techniques are backed by numerous integrated quality management systems.

Each case requires specific needs. At Halalmedtour, we have same techniques which if applied to your particular case when advised, will increase your chances of pregnancy.

Muslim egg donation

Egg donation is the process by which a woman provides several eggs (ova, oocytes) for another person or couple who want to have a child. halal egg donation, muslim...

Fertility Clinic In Iran

More than 50 health ministry-accredited fertility clinics and centers are operating in Iran. Iranian fertility centers are either affiliated to hospitals or other research institutions. Fertility clinics in Tehran, Mashhad, Yazd, Isfahan, Shiraz, Tabriz, and other cities of Iran are prepared to provide services to couples from all around the world and create the pleasant experience of having a baby for them.
Iran offers the most inexpensive infertility treatments in the Middle East. A cycle of IVF, for example, costs 2100 USD which is much lower than in many countries. Given that many fertility treatments require that couples stay in the country for a few weeks, the cost of lodging and other expenses incurred during their stay become very important.

Since Iran is a cheap country for travelers, with very reasonable accommodation costs, infertility treatment candidates will not have to spend a lot of money on their treatment in Iran.

Fertility treatments offered at Iranian fertility centers include IVF, IVSI, IUI, microscopic testicular sperm extraction (TESE), ovulation induction, PGD, PGS, egg donation
, sperm donation, embryo donation, surrogacy, PCOS treatment, etc.
We at HalalMedTour, help you arrange an infertility treatment at one of the best fertility clinics in Iran. To learn more about each clinic’s services, fees, and doctors, contact us or the online form at the bottom of the page.